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Westwood Sunglasses

Another perfect meld to any Action Sports or to just be Eco Fashionable with a flair for Canadiana.

Whether you're Canoeing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing the Atlantic, Pacific or Our Great lakes. So the need is simple; a go anywhere, do anything pair of shades in the battle against UV rays... with an emphasis on looking fresh.

All within a short drive here in Canada, there is a large array of water sports. Too many times have expensive accessories been lost to the drink. So why not have a pair of shades that float. Each handcrafted pair of Westwood Sunglasses is made entirely of wood. Weighing in at .8 ounces, these comfortable sunglasses are feather light and do indeed float in water.

We’re providing quality eyewear for less than half the retail price of big brand shades. Protecting your eyes is a must but that doesn’t mean you should break the bank doing it. Join the fight against UV rays and rock some Westwoods.

Wether your A Canadian Retailer Or Canadian Fashionista ASE can make these available to you.

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Now available in Canada


Should your store not have these glasses you'll have 2 options.

Option One, you can buy them directly here. I have lots in stock Feel free to use the PayPal below each line.

Option Two, have your local Canadian Retail Store carry the line and recieve a free pair. Once the store places the order and I ship their product I will include your pair in with their order. Have your store contact me today!