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Action Sports Enterprises and Canadian Winter Sports are pleased to accept the opportunity to be exclusive dealers for Skike in Canada and the United States. An extrodinary product brought to us by Clemens Kreuger

In three years, he has introduced an estimated 125,000 Europeans to "skiking" and has created a support network of more than 1000 "skike trainers."

Skiking as we know it is extraordinarily similar to Nordic Skiing.

There have been many similar products that have been introduced to the North American market but many of them have fallen by the way side or met with other fates. Coyote by roller blade, Trail Skate, Land Roller by Terra, Scorpion multi-terrain and Wheels of Doom some of these are out of production or just underfunded or aren’t marketed properly.

Our Test markets in areas like Vermont and with Skate specialists like have proven that Skike will have the longevity and proven steadfastness superior to other products. Residents in Canada have accepted the product in the same fashion that the European community has and resorts and summer camps are looking at skike as a new form of exersize and entertainment for their patrons.

Now with Actions Sports Enterprises amalgamating with Canadian Winter Sports and creating a uniform basis in pricing and marketing Skike is destined for exponential growth in the coming years.

While Kreuger’s method of garnering trainers to sell to the public A.S.E & C.W.S believe that North Americans will often seek the professional opinion of the stores where they receive the product. This is why an implementation of in store training and employee education will allow the customers to develop the confidence they need to venture forward and experiment on their own with the product. An educated consumer is a happy consumer.

The two firms still strongly believe in Kreuger’s concept of educating the purchasers and are offering innovative training for the stores as well as still seeking out the crème de la crème from States and Provinces to head up instructing in resort and adventure facilities environments.