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We thought we had seen every concept of wheeled sport that there was out there. Then hurtling to earth came the invention of Shane Chen.

The Orbit Wheel a totally out of this world product that combines the uniqueness of an inline blade concept, skate boarding, and street surfing all wrapped up in one.

This product can be as unique as the rider them selves. So very easy to learn. The days of the wheelie shoe are gone and passé’ as a result of this cosmic new advent to versatility. An inner free floating ring inside a sturdy encasement that houses the foot pads allows the user to just flip open the foot pad and step into a whole new world of self propulsion. A great way to get to school, store, work, or simply anywhere you want to go  in a hurry.  The only issue the riders will have is having to be stopped by curious on lookers who will want to know what they are using.  Your only issue as a dealer will be keeping them on the shelves. Wait till you see the cost on these they are perfect in this economy.