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Here is your chance to show your Mettle

Select anyone of our Distinctive Hoodies, Hats, T's or Thuggies

with our custom version of award winning Logo by N.Winburn

showing off your version of Mettle

Our Mettle Logo depicts how truly multi facited you are in your sports 

Show them that your Mettle is tested tryed and true.

Definition of METTLE

a : vigor and strength of spirit or temperament b : staying quality : stamina <equipment that proved its mettle>
: quality of temperament or disposition <gentlemen of brave mettle — Shakespeare>
met·tled adjective
on one's mettle
: aroused to do one's best

Examples of METTLE

  1. The competition will test her mettle.

Origin of METTLE

alteration of metal
First Known Use: 1581
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